Romans 13 : 8

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.

Romans 13:8

Isn’t it funny how when you read one verse ..you can think of at LEAST one other verse to go along with it? When I begin to write, focusing on the verse here, I find so many other verses to use with it!

“Fulfilled the law” – This part of the verse stands out so much to me. Jesus came to fullfill the law, as He said, not to destroy it. If “Whoever loves others has fulfilled the law..” and “God is Love” – then put those two together. What HE did was the greatest act of love, to lay down His life as a sacrifice for us. He paid the ultimate debt FOR us. So, even though we obviously are not (as a general rule – sans soldiers, and such) going to sacrifice our lives, our tangible bodies – we have our own debt – that we might love one another continuously. I find this an interesting “thread” that I wrote upon the gifts of the spirit on the last blog, and Paul said that there is a more excellent way….. and now I am focusing on love and our debt to pay one another continuously! THAT, my friends, is the greatest gift we must give one another! I hope you see where I am going here. Isn’t this fantastic?! But I also want to say that we must not feel an obligation, but give of this freely.

This, this is the greatest fulfillment of all.

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