1 Corinthians 12 : 4

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.

1 Corinthians 12:4

What does this mean to you? There are different gifts we are given but they all work towards the same goal. You may have the gift of knowledge or discerning of spirits.. and I may have the gift of healing, but we all work together like a fine-tuned machine or body ..in the Spirit… I believe this verse reminds us that all the gifts we use are from God and to be used for him in various ways. I was doing research earlier on the gift of healing (which I now have come to know this is something He has given me and I am looking for more ways to utilize it), and there are those in the church who do not believe it comes from God. How can this be so? These sort of gifts are what is talked about being from the Holy Spirit, and did not Jesus say that if you could do all of this in His name? (I won’t digress into that as I am prone to do, and will save that for hopefully another time..) I suppose there are some “abusing” various gifts for their own selfish reasons and that is just unfair to those who do it with the right heart.

Let us also remember that, say, if I have the gift of healing right now.. that I am also able to really have every gift. I also believe personally that He grants us each gift if we are open and/or the time is right … We must always be open to that which He would grace us. Just because you may have one does not mean that you will never receive others. I do not believe our Father to be stingy! He has perfect timing and everything is worked out in that due time. Some people just simply never ask! I did not realize it myself for the longest time – and if it doesn’t happen, I simply believe it is all in the timing… perhaps I need to grow and walk further along my path and then I will understand better and use it to the right advantage …when that time is right….”as He wills..”

And yet I do remember, the greatest of these is love…..

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