So I inherited my love of beauty and beautiful things from my mother, that is for certain. I have an eye, most definitely two, for these kinds of things and I cannot help it. Sure, it can put me into trouble - as I now have an overload of things. Being 30 years old, I am unloading over this month and the next few months of alot of .. shopping I have accumulated of my 'hunting and gathering and nesting'.

As I become older, I want life more simple, and less 'stuff' (for lack of better word). I am doing family history research and have discovered Amish and Quaker roots, as well as Royal roots. It is very interesting to me and I wonder.. What, if anything, has passed down to me .. inheriting traits of anything at all? What has been ingrained in me that was passed down from someone hudreds of years ago? Do you believe this could be passed down in DNA..? Memory genes, if you will? I do.

I've neglected this little space of the vast web world for too long. I need to write more, and I need to show what I want to creat here. So you'll find me here more, I promise. You'll see this blossom in the next year, I assure you!....

What have you inherited?

~ Maggie Lou's Daughter

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Kim said...

Hi Brooke! Maybe we're related...I have Amish roots too! I grew up thinking and believing that I was Irish and found out a couple of years ago that I'm not. What a let-down...then I found out about the Amish roots and it was even better!! I believe that I inherited DNA of the heart from my Amish family. Finally, a fit that feels right. It's a good thing. ;) Good to see you on here!