Memories ~ Pressed between the pages of my mind

I really miss just going outside with my little brother when we were kids and picking wild blackberries (well, that's what we called them) along the fence-line...there were virtually hundreds of them .... we could get as many as we wanted.... I always wanted to make a pie.... but I didn't.... I ate 'em all too quickly....

I remember my dad building us a really cool treehouse in the middle of these great tree bushes... it was two story ... and we either played as if we had our own house.. but sometimes we played as if we had a ship on the second story (top part) .. it was our own boat ... Mom got us some speckled paint plates and cups and some pots.. I realize now this was my own sort of "Outpost" ... I could literally ride my horse around and then jump off, and hitch the horse to the posting and let her/him rest there .... sure, I made mud pies....... but it was great. I still wish I had that tree-house.... Oh, what I could do with it NOW!

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Ruby.Rebecca said...

You can have a tree house even now. There is no reason you can't! Well, with the exception that in your condo maybe you can't... lol. But you won't be there forever. And when you get your own place you can build your little outpost. A place to dream, and play and contemplate and just BE.