Seedlings have sprouted!

I am happy to report this morning that three of my little seedlings have sprouted ! I think I was like a kid on Christmas when I noticed this. I hope the other three sprout! I hope they hurry because I'd rather it be more of the warmer temperatures we are getting for these little guys than the colder part of winter we get. I probably timed it pretty silly. Oh, well, this is my first time. I figure if I can get these to grow in the winter.. Spring should be alot easier around here. Here's another silly thing I did. I forgot to label the peat moss pots. Sigh.

It's definitely a learning process and I have alot farther to go, as you probably can tell. The area I want for the garden is over run by ant beds and Adam's trying to help battle them for me. We shall win this fight!  That space will be MINE!

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