Finally - The Tea Pots ..

I have finally been able to post about my tea pots now. TMI - But I am doing a gallbladder flush and I am desperately trying to keep my mind here to pass the time. I will tell you how the flush worked, and I hope it does, because epsom salt is not my favourite elixir, indeed.

At any rate, I promised Mariam from Willow Cottage a blog about my tea pots.

The three tea pots above were given to me by my mother - Actually, she gave all of them to me at some point or another. My blue and white one there has to be one of my most favourite ones. I've used it the most, I think.
The one in the middle here was my Nanny (my great-grandmother)'s tea pot, and it is the other favourite. I end up having a hard time deciding which are my favourite really. The green and white one on the left says, "Where the teakettle even sings - that is home" - I believe.

And this is a close-up of the blue and white one for Mariam.
I should've taken a better photo of these and I will actually do that tomorrow. These are from Japan and they are from 1910 which makes them 101 years old! I wish I had more room, I really don't like stacking them like this. Hopefully, I will figure out a better way to display them soon. I like to use these for my Puerh Tea. 
This particular set came from an antique mall that was selling them for 25 dollars! I found the tea pot separately actually. I call this my "Marie Antoinette" set. The tea cups that are white and silver are from our wedding set with plates. I love those too!

Here's an overall view of the inside of my grandmother's china cabinet. I have a wizard of oz glass set. The glasses in the middle are from my mother, and the green glass pitcher is from Williamsburg, Virginia (we went to Williamsburg on our honeymoon). The little plates on the bottom on the left hand side are from Adam's Nanny (grandmother). I found the red bird picture at a thrift store.

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