Farmer's Markets, Mice, and other things...

Sunday, My mother and I went and checked out two farmer's markets in the area. Luckily, I liked the one closest to me, but the one a little further had THE BEST 'refrigerator pickles'! I will have to go back and get jars again. The man selling them said it was his grandmother's recipe. I wish I could somehow get it from him! I didn't get any photos of this outing but maybe I will in the future. My mom and I bought things from almost every stand. Snirk. I even bought from the little ol' man selling conventional veggies because I just couldn't help it. I was wanting organic, of course, but ....... Okay, I'm a sucker. Go ahead. Say it. He was a little old man and was so nice.

My list of things I need to create since we're close to the holidays has been increasingly becoming more on the list. Let's hope I can create that recipe I created for cranberry sauce that everyone loved last year since I forgot to write it down! They are making me do it again. And all those pecans from the tree in East Texas? A good many of them are turning into some kind of glazed roasted pecans for christmas gifts. I'm finally going to start creating my cards too (which will be sold on my etsy/here). And a couple of other things I don't want to give away my secrets to yet!

I don't mind this diet I have to have. I'm not talking about the 'diet' per se where you are trying to loose weight, but it's mostly a pescatarian diet (Pescatarian : vegetarian which eats fish) but I know I am pretty much getting my nutrients. I'm not feeling deprived NOW. At first, I thought this was going to drive me nuts. I'm alright now, I am eating better than I was before the attack.

I think things are going to be okay now.

In other news, we've had a pesky mouse (or possibly mice) running around thinking Sophie's dog food, our toothpaste and other things were his to chew on. Adam (My husband) bought some traps today, and sure enough, we caught him. For a moment, Adam had a sense of sadness -- which actually touched me -- We hated doing that really but what are you going to do? He was running rampant everywhere!

I love my husband. He's tough but the little things kinda get him ...

Oh, and what did I say about the weather becoming cooler? .....

(Sunset Last Saturday)

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