Anniversary Part I

Today, Adam and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. We had a great day. We woke up and I made him a breakfast and then we started out, took the long pretty country road way and had been wanting to stop at this old house and take a photo for some time... so we finally stopped and took it!

I wish I could paint this place. I don't want it touched. I hope it stays like this forever.  I stayed back and only went to the bridge (which was wonderful in itself). Adam got closer and took this photo ..

And then when I was on my way back, I didn't know he was going to take this.. but he caught me!


We carried on... and then went to some antique shoppes along the way.. After we left there, where I picked up some old photos of people who 'speak' to me.. (I feel they need a home. It is so sad.) We drove by this old locked up feed store and thought it was kind of fascinating....

Adam and I both seem to appreciate architecture ....

We then stopped at Richmond - at the courthouse because it was an interesting building, and they had a memorial for the Fort Bend soldiers who had lost their lives in wars. Being that it was Veterans day, we took a moment of silence.

Moving on ... We stopped at a place called "Enchanted Gardens". It's a place where you can buy plants, trees, veggies and herbs and such. It really is such a neat place just to walk around and enjoy. Adam was shooting photos here and there and so was I. I didn't realize the place was going to be so fun!

A kid would love the little old town set up they had... Well, what can I say, we did too! And when we reached it... We found..........

Well, that will come on Part II of the Anniversary Blog! I have many photos so I think it should wait!

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