Train Museum and The Soda Fountain

I'm still here! I'm sorry about that but things got busy. I haven't stopped posting though. Please check the Honey Brooke Farm page for small updates from time to time as well. I love days like today. We had a good time -- we went to the Railroad museum not far from here, and it was very interesting. It was all about the various routes that railroads took throughout Texas and how trains worked along with the ways the old train cars that people took were like. I really liked the old china and silver as well as looking at the menus and such. We also were able to board a rail car that Prince Philip actually took as well. It was very neat and I wouldn't have minded a bit to travel that way.

(Inside the rail car - above and below)

(There were beautiful stained glass and crystal lanterns in the car as well)

(Above - Bedroom and Below : Bathroom)

After the railcar, we went into the tower that controls the trains. As we were inside, a train actually did run by and I kind of reverted to a little kid for a moment. The guide showed us an actual 100 year old "computer" that made all the trains run and get to their destinations successfully (below).

I'm not sure why but we didn't get a photo of the caboose! But we did go in ...

Afterwards, we headed across the street to my new favourite little cafe/soda fountain place. We had lunch and I just had to get a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper .. they mix their own sodas and they are so YUMMY!

Are you looking forward to Christmas? I almost have our shopping done. Almost. After the soda fountain, we went to the antique shops around there and I am trying very hard to find my Mom a present! She has everything and I'm trying not to just find another something that is just SOMETHING. I try to find something special... Well, it didn't happen today.... But I did have a good time!


HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

You look like a magazine model! Love the pics!


Melissa Placzek said...

How lovely! I dined in a beautiful train car turned restaurant in MA the last time we visited....and we've dined in the Zephyr in Stillwater MN...but THIS looks too amazing. And prince Philip! swoon!