And the year fades into the next like the sunset in the west ...

Today was a great day. I don't have photos to share, but I wish I did. One thing of note was as the sun was setting, Adam and I walked down the drive to the mailbox with our little baby-dog Sophie.. It's a good walk so it's nice to do. When Adam retrieved the mail, what a nice surprise it was to find my seeds for the spring had arrived. I am still growing the ones I have planted ..and I can report, I've transplanted them into larger pots at this time -- they are doing well. When we headed back .. to our right, there was a excellent pastoral setting full of sky, field, and black cows and it made me wish I had grabbed my camera. When we came back to the house, we headed to the barn and fed the horse named Luke. He's a little bit of a spoiled rotten brat, admittedly, but he's good. I usually don't like to talk of my music world here, but I am happy to say we are getting bookings, and we'll be playing a very neat place called Aztec Theatre in San Antonio on the Riverwalk. I think this will be on my list of all-time shows we've played. Travel Channel says it's on the list of a "Thousand Places to See before you die". I am really excited about this one. I like to separate the music world from this little haven. It's good for me and keeps me balanced and 'grounded' - feet planted in the dirt. I hope and pray 2012 is good for you, and that it is better for us all. I'm an optimist but I always believe in being prepared, so I hope you will consider that. Plant a garden, learn how to can food. It's good for you. (Now I'm sounding like Martha Stewart...) See you next year.

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Melissa Placzek said...

I just love this post. Beautiful imagery. I know exactly what you mean...those moments when you wish you had your camera. I feel lost without mine.

You're a musician? how cool!