Winter Garden - Better Late Than Never ...

Yesterday, I bought some heirloom seeds off of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I am determined to start small but do SOMEthing! Since I was recently in the ER with a severe gallbladder attack, we researched that beets are very good for helping this sort of thing. Well, I HATE beets, I tell you! But I think I will learn to like them. I did have them ONE time, and the way they were, I didn't mind them.. Now living in the country, and with grocery prices going up, it would be best to utilize some space I have and make a winter garden. Our fall is like spring and winter isn't that harsh.(watch it be the worst winter ever now!)

This is what I bought :

Detroit Dark Red Beet

Bleu of Solaise Leeks

Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder) Beans

And that's all for now, except I am going to try for sweet potatoes as well. We'll see how it fares and hopefully this saves me some money and GOOD veggies. I will get more brave as I go and add to it especially for spring. I also found two farmer's markets nearby that I will check out hopefully this weekend! I'll let you know how that works out.

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